Celebrate Black History month

Honoring the Past, Inspiring the Future

The image shows two women smiling brightly against a white background. The woman on the left is wearing glasses and a colorful head wrap, holding a patterned bag and a black cap. The woman on the right, with braided hair and a headband, is holding a clear tumbler and a mug with inspirational quotes. Both wear white shirts with a joyful print, exuding a positive and spirited vibe.
Three people are standing together against a white backdrop, sharing a joyful moment. The woman on the left, wearing a long-sleeve shirt with inspirational writing, is laughing with her head tilted back. The man in the center wears a gray hat, a shirt with a colorful design, and sports a warm smile. The woman on the right, in glasses and a white T-shirt with a cheerful print, completes the trio. They all exhibit a casual, happy demeanor in a bright indoor setting.

the BHM Collection

 Three women are standing side-by-side, smiling, in a warmly lit room. The woman on the left wears a yellow blazer, the middle woman is in a pink jumpsuit, and the one on the right dons a beige suit. All three are sporting colorful T-shirts with a vibrant graphic design.

A totally unique, award winning Combo

Illustrations of Black people with print and patterns.

At Black Paper Party, we believe in the power of celebration and representation. We're a group of passionate women on a mission to spread joy, create memories, and foster inclusivity through our cheerfully seasonal products.

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a geometric background with yellow, green, orange and pink vertical blocks

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4 roles of foil holiday wrapping paper, all adorned with black people illustrations and stack horizontally on top of each other
Gift wrap

a set of 5 teal ceramic cookware items all adorned with black people illustrations.

A Christmas stocking in the shape of a Black Stanta clause. She has a white afro beard, gold glasses, and a red & white trimmed hat

a collection os 3 holiday gift bags all adorned with black people illustrations.
Gift bags